About Us

Whistling Prairie Started in 1999. That year our daughter, Brittany, received a mandolin for Christmas. Her first remark was “Thanks so much. What is it?” At the same time, I got a banjo for my birthday. As we already knew how to read music, learning a new instrument wasn’t too difficult (at a low-level, anyway). Amanda and Crystal were playing violin and viola and we asked them to join us to play a few tunes on Sunday afternoons. Ed sat around and listened to us while he read the newspaper. We soon realized we needed a bass player and figured Dad wasn’t doing anything, anyway. So, Ed joined the band!

We started playing at assisted living centers and nursing homes. We attended Rocky Mountain Fiddle camp in the summers, and learned what we should be doing as a folk band. We got better and got older. The girls have all graduated from college now, and are moving on. It’s hard keeping the band together. We’ve recorded a new Christmas album every year since 2003. That has also gotten better as we’ve purchased some sound equipment and Ed has learned how to mix our songs. We’d like to share our music with you, both recorded and in sheet music format. We hope you enjoy it. If you have the opportunity to use some of it, let us know! We’d love to hear from you. You can send an email at judy@whistlingprairie.com!

Judy, Ed, Brittany, Amanda and Crystal Bush–Whistling Prairie