Merry Prairie Road

merrry prairie road cover art2Recorded live in the Bush Basement, an amazing 13 new songs! The fun doesn’t stop!

  • Heard from Heaven Today–This song tells the Christmas story in the big, full Whistling Prairie way! You’ll be singing along by the final chorus! Amanda, Brittany and Crystal-vocals, Brittany-bodhran, Amanda-fiddle, Crystal-pennywhistle, John-banjo, Nolan-guitar, Judy-accordion, Dad-bass.
  • Pat-a-Pan–John is lead vocalist on this fun and driving French carol. Amanda adds the spice with her back-up vocals. Brittany is rock solid in her first foray into dulcimer playing! John-vocals, Amanda-vocal harmony, Brittany-dulcimer, Judy-guitar, Crystal-bells, Nolan-snare, Ed-bass
  • A Poor Wayfaring Stranger–This beautiful and somewhat melancholy gospel song will linger with you long after the last note stops ringing. Brittany-vocals, John and Crystal-vocal harmony, Judy-banjo, Nolan-harmonica, Amanda-violin, Ed-bass
  • Go Tell the Fox–A simple song that gets caught in your memory reminds us to share the Christmas message with every living thing! Crystal-vocal, Brittany-backup vocal, Amanda-fiddle, John banjo, Judy-guitar, Nolan-djembe, Ed-bass.
  • Hark the Herald Angels Sing–This lively Celtic-flavored adaptation of the song starts out as a reel and ends up as a jig. It was fun to play,  and, we hope, also fun to listen to! Amanda-fiddle, Crystal-pennywhistle, Brittany-mandolin, Ed-bass, John-banjo, Judy-guitar, Nolan-bodhran
  • God Moves in a Windstorm–A great gospel song that fits well on a Christmas album, this song gave us a great opportunity to sing SATB 4-part harmony. Vocals-Brittany, John, Amanda, Nolan, Crystal-guitar, Judy-banjo, Ed-bass,
  • I Wonder as I Wander–Our newest member of Whistling Prairie, Nolan, asks heartfelt questions about the first Christmas in this carol based on an American folk hymn. Nolan-vocal, Amanda-harp, Brittany-dulcimer, Crystal-viola
  • Little Drummer Boy–In the spirit of drumming, and inspired by an Orff arrangement, we included an array of rhythm instruments in this instrumental version of the song. Judy-bells, Nolan-glockenspiel, Crystal-pennywhistle and scratcher, John-castanets and tambourine, Brittany-mandolin, Amanda djembe, bass-Ed
  • Beautiful Star of Bethlehem–Amanda gets her country on with this traditional sounding song written in a Tennessee milk barn in the early part of the 20th century. Amanda-vocal, Crystal and Judy-backup vocals, Nolan-guitar, John-banjo, Brittany-mandolin, Crystal-violin, Ed-bass
  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas–Settle down with some cool jazz and succumb to Crystal’s invitation to have a wonderful holiday! Crystal-vocal, John-ukulele, Amanda-bass, Nolan-sax, Brittany-cello, Judy-guitar, Ed-bass
  • Sylvia’s Christmas Song–Amanda married Nolan in May of 2015 and became a Hauta. In honor of the Hauta Finnish heritage they recorded this popular Finnish Carol. Amanda accordion, Nolan Trombone
  • King of the Sleigh–We love it when Ed sings a song with gusto! Judy penned some new words to King of the Road, and Ed took it from there! Ed-vocal, Amanda-backup vocal and tambourine, Nolan-bass, Judy-guitar, John-finger snaps, Brittany-snare, Crystal-piano.
  • Auld Lang Syne–We hope to someday have a compilation of this song with all our friends singing along. It reminds us of all our beloved friends spread around the world. We love you all! Amanda-lead vocal and piano. John-saw, Ed-tambourine, Brittany-cello, Nolan-sax, Judy-accordion, Crystal-kazoo, Amanda-violin